Thursday, 25 May 2017

Reading Challenge

In class we have been doing a reading challenge and we need to read books that are over 100 pages.

Kotuku’s Reading Challenge for Term 2, 2017
(Bronze = 3 books, Silver = 5 books, Gold = 7 books, MEGA = 10 or more)
Read one book set in NZ
Read one book recommended by a fellow challenger
Read one book by an author you have never read before*
Read one book with a method of murder in the title  
Historical Fiction
(Conn Iggulden is great)
Read a book that has been made into a movie
Read one book with a “spooky” title
Read a book with an animal in the title
Read a book written by an author with a pseudonym (false name)
Read a graphic novel  **
Read one book you have to borrow from someone’s home
Read a book with over 400 pages
Read a book with an animal in it
Read a book that you love the cover
Read a book with a setting that you would like to visit
Read a book with less than 200 pages
Read a book published after 2014
Read a book by an author with the same initials as you.
Read a book in a series
Read a book from an animal’s point of view.
Read a book involving romance.
Read a book you started and never finished.
Read 5 picture books **
Free choice
Read a book published before 2000.*
Read a ‘classic’
Read 5 Dr. Seuss books **
Read a book from the local library
Read a book you have already read and enjoyed
Read a book involving a fugitive
Read a comedy book
Read an audio book
Read a Sci-Fi book
Read a biography
You choose...

** can only count one of these towards your total number of books
I really enjoy doing this because your reading for a reason.

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